Powerful, Scalable, Prometheus Monitoring

Built by engineers for engineers, our platform is easy to
configure, get set-up and begin sending metrics.

Part of the Metricfire family, trusted by thousands of engineers around the world

Remote storage for the long term

Retain Prometheus metric data for months, years or indefinitely.
‍Data can be downsampled, and automatically expired to store what you need and keep costs under control.

Store metrics reliably at scale

We offers reliable storage at any scale. Our other product, Hosted Graphite, processes billions of data points every day for thousands of engineers (and has done so for 6 years).

Secure transport

All Prometheus read and write operations take place over HTTPS.

Simple integration with Prometheus

One quick change in your Prometheus configuration file and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

Engineering support

First line, comprehensive and deeply technical support for help when you need it. The people giving you answers are experienced engineers. Have questions or want to set up a call? Email us: help@metricfire.com
Ready for a better way to store Prometheus data?

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